What is the difference between guest posting and PBN links?

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Most businesses use different tools to help market their business. One of those tools is the company blog; by posting articles every so often a company is able to not only let customers know the company’s latest news but is also able to communicate with its customers, potential and current. The blog also helps to establish a web presence; as the blog gains more entries it becomes more useful for purposes of search engine optimization. While there are a number of different ways of blogging, one of the more controversial ways of doing so is to create a private blog network, or a number of blogs that link back to one central blog, but there are some issues with the practice. Another option is guest posting, which can also help search engine rankings.

For most people writing a single blog is a major problem: The basic problem is to not only come up with a number of different topics, but to also post consistently. There is also the problem of setting aside the time to do so or to hire someone to do it. For most companies a person is assigned to do exactly that; the person is usually either the secretary or part of the marketing department. The person is tasked with creating two or three posts a week, and is usually someone with some sort of writing experience. Sometimes there is even couple of people assigned to the blog in order to provide some sort of variety, especially if the different writers specialize in different topics.

While this is sufficient for most companies, a number of companies have enough writers that they set up a private blog network. A PBN attempts to take advantage of how links help search engine optimization: To a search engine algorithm the more links that lead back to a site make it seem more relevant, and the more relevant a site is the more better it does in search engine rankings. As a PBN consists of a number of different sites linked to a central site, that increases the number of hits to the central site, and therefore makes it seem like the site is all that more relevant. The better the other blogs do the better the central blog does, making for a better rankings of the central site.

However, search engines have gotten wise to the practice and have labeled it a “gray hat” practice. What this means is that the practice is considered somewhat risky; that is, this is a tactic that deliberately games the system and therefore messes with the algorithm. Because of this search engines have begun penalizing PBNs, either by affecting its ranking in the search engines or not listing the site altogether. Given the amount of work it takes to maintain and write for a PBN means you should absolutely look for top-notch PBN links providers like seolutions or other well-reviewed vendors that make sure that the network is actually maintained.

For those looking for a great to assist in the SEO of their blog, writing guest posts for other blogs is worth looking into. You can inquire if a you can write a guest blog, and some actively ask for submissions or even invite others to write for them. The neat thing about writing a guest post is that you have an opportunity to spread your message to a new audience and, better yet, you can provide a link to your blog. This means that you can create a somewhat permanent link to your blog and the link helps to establish relevancy for your blog. All told it is not overall a bad deal, especially if the blog your write the guest post for gains more hits than your blog does.

The takeaway here is that private blog networks should be avoided as search engines tend to frown on them; allowing for writing and maintenance they tend to be far more trouble than they are worth. Guest posts are a better idea, and may even help build your subscriber base. While they are hardly guaranteed they are worth the risk, especially if you can write a post for a blog that is more popular than yours. For those looking for a way to increase their ranking in the search engines guest posts may be just the way to go.